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When hurricanes travel over land, they can cause tremendous damage to coastal cities and towns. Hurricanes pose many potential dangers including strong winds, heavy rainfall, storm surges, and tornadoes. Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th, with stronger and more intense storms each year. If you reside or own a home, commercial property or business in a hurricane-prone area, it’s important to know your options before the storm.


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Hurricane Ian was declared a high-end category 4 hurricane

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Southwest Florida just shy of a massive Category 5 hurricane on September 28, 2023 and is deemed the costliest hurricane in Florida’s history. Ian’s wrath caused $112.9 billion in damages and takes the rank of third costliest hurricane in all of the United States. Not only did Hurricane Ian decimate small towns, but it caused many fatalities resulting in at least 156 deaths.

The aftermath of Ian left thousands of residents and business owners in despair. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation says “insured” losses from the storm are now up to $16.7 billion, according to a report released on June 16, 2023. Statewide, claims have increased to 738,441. Of those, 104,614 remain open, and 190,254 have been closed with no payment from insurance companies.

HL Law Group has a proven history of helping residential and commercial property owners recover losses due to natural disasters such as hurricanes.

Hurricane Idalia was declared a high-end category 4 hurricane

In 2023, Hurricane Idalia carved a destructive path through the eastern Atlantic Ocean and made landfall on August 30th in the Big Bend region of Florida as a formidable Category 3 hurricane, boasting maximum sustained winds of 125 mph and unleashing storm surges ranging from 3 to 10 feet.


A preliminary assessment by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has unveiled the staggering aftermath of Hurricane Idalia. The storm wreaked havoc on a massive scale, causing damage to a whopping 289,096 acres of timber. The result? An estimated loss of a staggering $64,751,255 in timber value.


Thousands of home and commercial property owners have expressed frustration throughout the strenuous process of filing an insurance claim, including broken links and long wait times on the phone. Not to mention claims that have been denied, delayed, or underpaid. If you or someone you know is going through this process now, we can help and advocate for you to receive a proper recovery payout for your losses without delay.

Other Severe Weather Events

Catastrophic hurricanes aren’t the only weather events that can cause mass destruction and costly damage.

Our attorneys understand the insurance industry and claims process and can explain your policy to you and work to maximize your claim value. We are responsive, attentive, and will work diligently on your behalf to ensure your voice is heard
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Thunderstorms, a dynamic atmospheric occurrence, bring forth a medley of hazards. Lightning strikes can damage homes and spark fires, while powerful winds have the capability to damage roofs, trees, and power lines. The consequential heavy rainfall can lead to flooding, impacting both residential homes, commercial properties and essential infrastructure.


Microbursts can also develop during severe thunderstorms. Sometimes an updraft is so strong, it suspends large amounts of these droplets and hailstones in the upper portions of the thunderstorm. As a result, the core plummets to the ground. As it hits the ground it spreads out in all directions.


The location in which the microburst first hits the ground experiences the highest winds and greatest damage. Wind speeds in microbursts can reach up to 100 mph, or even higher, which is equivalent to an EF-1 tornado! Winds this high can cause major damage to homes and other structures and level hundreds of trees.


Tornadoes, with their ferocious winds, have the capacity to inflict severe harm on various structures, from residential homes, commercial properties and businesses to critical infrastructure. These swirling forces can rip roofs off buildings, topple walls, and hurl debris, culminating in widespread devastation.

Over the past decade, the National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida has received almost 300 hail reports, with the average size being about one inch in diameter, or quarter-sized. Hail forms in thunderstorms with intense updrafts. The updraft forces rain high into the thunderstorm where the air is below freezing. The rain drops and freezes becoming ice. Property damage from these storms could include shattered windows, significant auto damage and roof damage.


Flooding is one of Florida’s most frequent hazards. It is a coast to coast threat that can occur at any time of the year. There are different reasons a community may flood; storm surge, river flooding, or heavy rainfall. Low-lying or poorly drained areas can also increase a community’s flood risk. Floods, in their wake, cause significant property damage, particularly in flood-prone areas, and contribute to the erosion of soil, further jeopardizing roads and bridges. 


 In cases where storm damage occurs, or when insurance claims are denied, delayed or underpaid, the adept attorneys at HL Law Group stand ready to advocate aggressively.

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    • Sarasota
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