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The HL Difference


At HL Law Group, we pride ourselves on having the highest standards for service and excellence.


HL Law Group was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2008 by Harold Levy, Esq. Following the stock market and housing crash, Mr. Levy embarked on launching his own firm, aiming to help consumers navigate the mortgage crisis. When one of his clients had a fire loss at their property, Mr. Levy assisted them in dealing with their carrier based on his background in the property and casualty industry and experience in representing some of the largest insurance companies. From that point on, HL Law Group concentrated its practice on representing individuals and businesses in a variety of insurance matters. Today, HL Law Group is a leading first-party insurance law firm representing clients throughout Florida and New York on some of the largest and most complex insurance claims.

“I had a wonderful experience with HL Law Group with terrific results. It always takes great patience to settle legal matters but the lawyers and staff were very professional and knowledgeable and were extremely helpful taking us through this process. Highly recommended!”

— Kirby S

HL Law Group strongly believes that in order to provide top-notch legal services,

A law firm must not only offer smart, thoughtful, and practical legal solutions to complex legal problems,

But must be available and responsive to its clients’ needs.

Strong relationships are built on trust.

Clients need to feel confident in their lawyer, such that if they have a question, they know they will get sound legal advice. A “Lawyer-Client Relationship” runs deeper than just business; legal issues impact people’s lives.

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