Business Interruption

When your business experiences an unexpected shutdown, the damages you suffer are not limited to the physical structure of your property.

The cause of loss can vary, from a major catastrophe to a simple electrical failure, but when disaster strikes, no matter what the cause, you suffer a loss of revenue during the time that your business cannot operate. Business interruption insurance is intended to replace your lost income and may cover additional business expenses, such as rent for a temporary location or the cost of obtaining replacement equipment.


A loss to your business can be catastrophic if not handled properly. If your insurance company delays or improperly denies your claim, you may lose income as well as your customer base and, possibly, valuable staff. Dealing with your insurance company and trying to operate your business at the same time can be overwhelming. Business Interruption insurance policies can be difficult to understand and it may be hard to determine the coverages you have. For instance, certain policies include business interruption coverage for losses caused by a disruption of utilities, otherwise known as “service” interruption coverage, or may cover losses caused by the failure of one of your suppliers, otherwise known as “contingent” business interruption coverage.


If you are managing an event, you may also have “Event Cancellation” insurance for losses arising out of the cancellation, interruption, or postponement of that event. However, unlike many other types of policies, event cancellation policies are generally non-standard, which means that the terms and conditions vary from one policy to another. Whether you have a standard Business Interruption policy, or a non-standard Event Cancellation policy, you must understand the terms of your policy so that you can determine the scope of coverage provided. HL Law Group has the experience to handle any business interruption insurance claim or event cancellation claim you may encounter. We have represented sophisticated business owners on a variety of complex business interruption matters both large and small. It is this experience that we bring to your claim.

If you have a question about business interruption or event cancellation insurance coverage, feel free to call our office and speak with one of our attorneys. More than a law firm, HL Law Group is a legal resource for its clients.