Commercial Property

Having commercial property insurance coverage is critical.

If you made the wise decision to have strong commercial property insurance coverage for your commercial structure, you expect your insurance company to step up when you have a covered claim. You likely spent a lot of money for this protection and the expense was incurred for a very specific purpose – to ensure that you are properly paid when you have a covered loss.


Similar to a residential homeowner’s policy, commercial insurance policies are complex legal documents that detail the rights and obligations of the parties in dealing with an insurance claim. However, most commercial insurance policies are arguably even more complicated than the standard residential policy, sometimes running hundreds of pages long. Trying to make sense of all of the provisions and endorsements in your policy can be very difficult. However, when you have a claim, understanding your rights and obligations, as well as the rights and obligations of your insurance company, gives you a critical advantage.


You should not simply assume the accuracy of the insurance company’s determination but, instead, look beyond their assessment in order to understand whether their determination is supported by the terms of the policy. HL Law Group focuses its practice on large, complex commercial property claims. HL Law Group is proud to have developed a reputation for representing clients involved in the most complex commercial insurance matters. HL Law Group has represented business owners, management companies, condominium and homeowners associations, as well as investors, developers, and other property owners on complex commercial property insurance matters, and we can handle commercial insurance claims for a variety of property types, including office, industrial, retail, multifamily, hotel, and motel as well as special-purpose properties, such as restaurants, marinas, auto dealerships, self-storage units, nursing homes and churches.

HL Law Group has the experience to handle any commercial insurance claim you encounter, whether you have a straightforward property loss or a large, complex insurance matter. The breadth of our experience in representing different types of commercial policyholders on complex insurance matters relating to a variety of business and property types gives us a unique advantage. If you have a question about your insurance claim, whether relating to the coverage you have or information you received from your carrier, feel free to call our office and speak with one of our attorneys. More than a law firm, HL Law Group is a legal resource for its clients.