Luxury & Commercial Transportation

Luxury & Commercial Transportation

Whether you own a luxury or exotic automobile, yacht, helicopter, or private jet for personal use, or if you are a commercial transportation operator providing transportation services to consumers, such as companies providing private jet, private vessel or helicopter charters, or commercial bus operators, HL Law Group represents high-net-worth individuals and transportation companies when claims arise.


Insuring a luxury car, vessel or private jet can be significantly more expensive than insuring non-luxury transportation, as repair costs are a major factor in the cost of insurance. In addition, there are intricacies involved in submitting claims on luxury automobiles, yachts, and private jets that make these insurance claims different from claims involving other types of property. As an example, the value of a high-end exotic car or yacht may be permanently diminished as a result of a claim for damages. In this situation, the total amount of the claim would likely exceed the cost of repair. Ensuring that you are properly prepared at the outset with strong support for your “diminished value claim” can be critical to obtaining a proper recovery. Similarly, if you are a commercial transportation company, insuring a fleet of vehicles, private jets, or yachts for commercial use can be very costly and managing claims when damage occurs can be very time-consuming. Ensuring a proper recovery involves complex legal issues and directly impacts a company’s bottom line.


At HL Law Group, we help to position you for success by gathering the information necessary to fully document your loss, such as reports from experts and appraisers and critical research on local market conditions. Without a solid understanding of the varying aspects of your claim, you may be unknowingly accepting far less than you are entitled to. Our Luxury and Commercial Transportation Practice is focused on the resolution of first-party claims relating to luxury automobiles, yachts, helicopters and private jets for personal use, as well as commercial transportation claims, including those involving railroads, national trucking companies, bus and shuttle van companies, medical transportation companies, private jet and yacht charters, airlines, as well as other entities involved in commercial transportation. Our attorneys can act as counsel for commercial transportation companies seeking compensation for property damage, whether in litigation or pre-suit through alternative dispute resolution, and we have the experience to represent clients in the most complex, catastrophic losses.

HL Law Group’s experience can give you an advantage in resolving your luxury or commercial transportation claim. Let HL Law Group be your added layer of protection. More than a law firm, HL Law Group is a legal resource for its clients.