Cargo & Shipping

Whether by land, sea, or air, if you ship an item that gets damaged in transit, or if you are a commercial shipper or commercial transport company, you may be entitled to recover your damages.

Whether you are an individual, small business, or large corporation, when you pay a premium in order to have insurance on the items you ship, you do so because you feel the items are important enough to protect while in transit. When those items are damaged in transit from a loss that is covered by your insurance policy, you expect to receive proper compensation for your damages.


Many commercial shipping and logistics companies, commercial transport companies, and individual shippers, do not have a sufficient understanding of how to handle a claim for cargo loss. Understandably, companies are focused on their core business operations and an insurance claim can be a significant distraction. Many companies do not fully realize the financial implications an insurance claim can pose. If a company is not paid on a valid insurance claim, it can have a direct and material impact on the company’s bottom line. Although claims handling can be a burden for a company, having an understanding of the basic legal distinctions and the applicable laws and regulations will give you an edge in pursuing your cargo and shipping claim. Different laws may apply to the loss depending on the mode of transportation used for the shipment, so it is critical to have an understanding of these laws in addition to understanding the coverage afforded by your insurance policy. Let HL Law Group manage your cargo and shipping claims and work to return some of this loss to your bottom line. Let us provide you with the knowledge you need for success. Understanding your rights in the policy and the insurance company’s obligations is of critical importance in ensuring you receive a proper recovery.

HL Law Group has the experience to represent large commercial shipping, distribution or logistics companies and other companies for whom the shipment of goods is an integral part of their business, as well as small businesses and individuals. Whether a personal item is damaged in transit, or if the damage is to goods shipped by a business, large or small, straightforward or complex, HL Law Group can help. Let us help to level the playing field. More than a law firm, HL Law Group is a legal resource for its clients.