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Provide Your Community with Some Fun and Function with Sun Charge Systems Charging Poles and Seating

Added value is a vital aspect of effective community association management. Keeping pace with current technology is an important component of providing good customer service as is anticipating the needs of association members. Unfortunately, during this ongoing pandemic, extra consideration has to be given to amenities in light of the need for social distancing. Consequently, many communities are experiencing an increase in outdoor amenity usage, creating an opportunity for improving the resident living experience.

Sun Charge Systems offers options for enhancing time spent outdoors through environmentally-friendly solar charging solutions for mobile devices. The company’s line of custom products consists of sustainable solar charging stations including a pole and several styles of seating benches.

Solar Charging Pole Offers On-the-Go Support

The most versatile of the charging solutions, the solar charging pole is constructed of carbon steel and custom powder coated any color, complementing existing seating arrangements. The pole can also be used as a stand-alone unit where space is limited.

“The Solar Charging Pole from Sun Charge Systems helps keep people connected with family and friends by providing remote charging capabilities for mobile devices. With the current need for social distancing, parks and other outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly popular sources of entertainment, making the ability to "plug in and charge up" while away from traditional electrical outlets more important than ever,” shares Sun Charge Systems Sales Director Donny Ray.

Pole features include:

  • 60-watt polycrystalline solar panel

  • Four-stage battery management system

  • 2 12V 14 amp hour batteries

  • 5 dual USB 3.0 rapid-charge ports

  • Capability of charging 10 devices simultaneously

  • Dedicated handicap access port under table

  • Intelligent device recognition

  • Wet and over-temperature protection

  • Water-resistant enclosure

  • Year-round functioning design

  • Theft-resistant mounting with stainless steel security screws

Each solar charging pole can be equipped with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot, allowing up to 10 users to stay connected to the Internet. LED lights are also available for nighttime use.

Seating Benches with Sunlit Style

When taking a break from outdoor activities, residents can recharge their energy and their phone’s while relaxing on one of the Sun Charge Systems charging benches. The benches are available in several styles including Uptown, Canopy and Old Town. As with the charging poles, the benches are constructed of carbon steel and can be custom powder coated any color.

“With its classic lines, the Uptown Bench is the most popular park bench in the Sun Charge Systems line of products. The 6' seating bench features mobile device charging via 2 dual USB charging ports on either end of the unit. Its slimline solar panel provides 30 watts of power to its internal batteries which will keep the station charging for several days, even with no sun,” Ray explains.

The Uptown Charging Bench is the newest and most contemporary bench model inspired by active millennials. Along with a sleek, space saver design with a low profile solar panel behind the bench, the charging station features a north- and south-facing version to maximize solar energy absorption. Easy to install, the bench features a 1-year limited warranty and care kit consisting of extra fuse, touch-up paint and security screw bit.

The Canopy Charging Bench features 4” wide slat panel seating and a solar panel that sits raised above a canopy top allowing maximum energy absorption while providing comfortable shaded seating below. Suitable to use alone, the unit can also be grouped in doubles or quads to create a unique seating arrangement or "Smart Charging Lounge" when coupled with the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot. An optional LED lighting kit is available for nighttime visibility.

Features of the Old Town Charging Bench include banner hangers and an adjustable pole for optimum positioning towards the sun.

Suitable for placing in a wide range of locations, Sun Charge System benches are shipped with pre-drilled holes allowing the unit to be anchored to a stable base.

Sun Charge Systems is a division of Hornsby Steel, a Cleveland, Alabama-based company specializing in steel applications. For more information on Sun Charge Systems products, visit www.sunchargesystems.com.

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