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Join the FAPIA Fight on Bad Legislation

Three-Pronged Approach Needs Your Help to Succeed

Similar to insurance claims, the legislative process is complex, consisting of many rounds of review and conversation before a bill can even make it to the Senate floor. With a short time remaining in this year’s session, our continued, behind-the-scenes strategic actions, and your engagement, are pivotal to ensuring we have a voice with important decision makers.

We all know that public adjusters are essential to helping policyholders navigate the complex process of reporting and filing a claim, and to continue to do the great work that we do, it is imperative that we crack down on the “bad actors” who drive up costs and are often mistaken for licensed, ethically practicing adjusters. These individuals have helped our enemies create a negative narrative that often gets erroneously associated with our industry. Join us in the fight through our three-pronged attack on bad legislation.


1. Our experienced lobby team has worked tirelessly to monitor proposed legislation and work with our state government and elected officials to mitigate or remove any proposed language that hurts policyholders and the public adjusting industry.

2. FAPIA’s PR professionals work with our board and lobby team to develop and implement the important messaging that helps tell the story about policyholders and the important role public adjusters play in the insurance claim process to lawmakers and the media.

3. You play an important role by answering our calls-to-action throughout the session. We have created a platform to help public adjusters and policyholders communicate directly with their elected officials about proposed legislation and the key issues we face.

Over the past few weeks, the passion of FAPIA’s membership has been inspiring as we received thousands of replies to our legislative calls-to-actions. To read more on this, please visit https://www.fapia.net/legislative-efforts.html#/.

FAPIA also provided its members with a unique, virtual legislative presentation that included President Karen Schiffmiller along with two of our lobby team members, Paul Handerhan of Ramba Consulting Group and Senator Steven Geller.

Each bill that is of concern was broken down in detail into sections we called “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” Some bills had terrible anti-consumer language and also important consumer-friendly language. We explained each of these to the participants and even had a lengthy question and answer session so that members could speak directly to our professionals with boots on the ground. It was very successful and we received great feedback.

There will be another post-session Legislative Update for FAPIA members to go over the results of the session and make sure everyone is aware of any legislative changes that affect our industry.

If you are a FAPIA member, we encourage you to sign up when you receive the invitation. If you are not, we encourage you to support the industry through FAPIA and join today. Visit https://www.fapia.net/apply--renew.html to learn more.

What else can you do?

FAPIA President Schiffmiller recommends you do the following:

  • Continue to visit and take action on FAPIA’s Legislative Action page. Messages that are written in your own words are significantly more effective and have a better chance of standing out and being read. Such messages tell our elected officials that we are passionate and mean business. Please remember to keep the tone respectful, yet strong. We need these lawmakers on our side.

  • If you have not done so already, sign up for our Legislative Text Alerts by texting “calltoaction” to 74121. FAPIA members can register for the Legislative Roundup Virtual meeting on May 12 at 6 p.m. to learn all the details about new legislation and how to remain in compliance.

For more information, visit the FAPIA website at www.fapia.net.

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