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It Pays to Prepare: Ready Your Practice for Property Damage Claims Questions

by Joining the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network

As the unrelenting 2020 hurricane season continues to pose property damage risks throughout Florida, position your firm with a qualified, ready resource to handle your clients’ claims. HL Law Group focuses its practice solely on property damage claims and has helped thousands of clients throughout the state—and we can help yours, too.

Join the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network and receive a 25% co-counsel fee when you refer a case through the program.

And the benefits don’t stop there.

Not only will your clients receive representation by a law firm with the skills and experience necessary to maximize recovery on the claim, your firm will have an added pool of talent that allows you to take care of your clients’ needs while maintaining your core business focus. All of this means even more money for your firm.

Representing the insured only, our dedicated staff handles first-party property insurance claim litigation caused by weather events ranging from hurricanes to hail damage for both businesses and individuals. We are also highly proficient at handling property damage claims caused by water leaks, fire, theft and vandalism. Our other areas of expertise include claims on boats, jewelry, fine art and antiques.

Preparation is key not only in the face of a natural disaster, but also in readying your practice to handle cases outside your scope of practice. Let HL Law Group help your firm position itself to better help your clients and earn more money.

To learn more about the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network and fee program, please call us at (855) 713-1212 or email us at info@hllawgroup.com. And visit us at https://www.hllawgroup.com/ to learn more about our practice.

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