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Is Your Hurricane Sally or Tropical Storm Eta Roof Claim Still Hanging Over Your Head?

Restore Your Home’s Integrity and Your Peace of Mind with Help from HL Law Group

A sound roof is an integral component of your home’s overall sound structure. If you are troubled with an unsettled Hurricane Sally or Tropical Storm Eta roof claim, experienced help is available with HL Law Group. Our practice focuses on property damage claims, and we represent the insured only.

Types of Roof Damage that Can Threaten Your Home’s Integrity

There are a number of ways storms can cause severe damage to a roof. Knowing what to look for can help you better protect the integrity of your home and the specific issues associated with your insurance claim.

  • Lifting shingles happen when the nails have loosened and lift up the shingle. Once this happens, the sealant between each shingle layer has become compromised, increasing the likelihood of leaks. Tricky to spot from the ground, a thorough examination of the roof is critical. Strong winds can remove loose roof shingles leaving your home vulnerable to leaks. Be sure to look in your attic or top floor for water spots or dripping from the ceiling.

  • Curling shingles are typically found at stress points on the roof, such as the ridge, edges and corners and near the chimney. Once the shingles are curled, they cannot keep water from leaking through the roof.

  • Chimney flashing is a stress point for high winds. Look to see if the flashing in this area is missing or split.

  • Gutters can be filled with granules from shingles washed away from high winds causing clogs.

The most dangerous and easily seen roof damage after a hurricane or storm is a sinking roof, which typically requires a full replacement.

Long Term Effects of an Unrepaired Roof

Along with the compromised integrity of a home related to a leaky roof, such as the plaster in the ceiling and surrounding area in the attic, damage to ceiling mounted lights and fans are also common. Rafters, ceiling joists, fascia boards and wall framing are also at risk of serious damage.

Other problems from a leaky roof include:

  • Health concerns from resulting mold and mildew issues. Once water has penetrated the home, the risk of mold and mildew is substantial as it spreads throughout the structure and into the HVAC system. Black mold is a common type resulting from water intrusion. Health concerns from this type of mold spore include asthma and other serious allergic reactions.

  • Fire hazard from water damage. If there is electrical wiring in the attic or ceiling, a leaky roof could cause a fire from shorted wires. Electricity should be disconnected in the affected area, which should be examined by an electrician.

  • Wasted energy and higher utility bills. Delayed roof leak repairs can result in water-saturated insulation in which the home will lose hot and cool air, resulting in higher utility bills.

Common Reasons Roof Claims are Denied

HL Law Group has helped hundreds of clients better understand their homeowners policies, and why their claims were denied. Some common reasons for denied roof claims are:

  1. Wear and tear from age−especially if the roof is 20 or more years old.

  2. Pre-existing problems from faulty repairs.

  3. Determination that the damage is cosmetic and not structural.

Some Florida homeowners may not be aware of the state’s 25 percent roof rule set forth by Florida’s Building Code. Section 611.1.1 of the Building Code states:

“Not more than 25 percent of the total roof area or roof section of any existing building or structure shall be repaired, replaced or recovered in any 12-month period unless the entire roofing system or roof section conforms to requirements of this code.”

Under Florida’s 25 percent rule, insurance companies will often try to minimize roof damage to minimize repair costs.

Homeowners need a comprehensive understanding of both their insurance policies and their rights under Florida law. HL Law Group can help you better position yourself for maximum recovery on your homeowners claim.

HL Law Group is a boutique law firm that focuses its practice on property damage insurance claims. Call (855) 713-1212 or email us at info@hllawgroup.com for more information on how we may be able to help you with your claim.

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