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How To Protect Your Assets: YACHT EDITION!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

There's nothing to compare to the feeling of the wind on your face and the sun on your skin as you sail in open, deep blue waters. Owning a yacht means getting to spend a lot of time out there in paradise.

HOWEVER! In order to maximize your time at sea, maintenance of your luxury transportation is key! To avoid significant issues or even complete destruction, here are FIVE tips we found for yacht maintenance to extend the life of your vessel!


1. Wash Regularly!

Besides spot cleaning and touch ups every couple weeks, a more thorough wash is needed to remove saltwater, dirt, and barnacles that can lead to paint discoloration, stains or other permanent marks. While you're scrubbing down your vessel, be sure to check for any damage that may have gone unnoticed underneath the dirt. You can either purchase a boat cleaning solution or simply mix together some good old dish soap and warm water and apply either with a sponge or some other non-abrasive cloth.

2. Polish For Protection!

Putting a polish on your luxury vessel will help the paint over the fiberglass of your vessel maintain a hard shell and keep its smooth luster. Quality boat wax also prevents that paint's color from fading that might otherwise occur from sun and saltwater exposure.

3. Attack Cracks!

From its adventures through sea and sand, a yacht's hull is susceptible to all sizes of scratches, scrapes and cracks. If you have a repair kit, FIX SMALL CRACKS IMMEDIATELY to avoid them turning into larger splits!

4. Routine Inspection!

A key part of yacht maintenance is routine inspections for damage. Did you run over a coconut or tree branch or another heavy object in the water while you were out sailing? ALWAYS do a quick check to be sure no damage was sustained! From the deck and windows to the structure of the fiberglass and other working components, perform a regular investigation all around.

5. Boat Covers Are Your Best Friend!

Buying a boat is a huge investment—not just the initial cost but what you put in to maintain it afterward, like repairs, parts replacements and cleanings. Boat covers are available to protect your yacht’s fiberglass surface from all sorts of things, including hazardous outdoor elements, curious animals, bird droppings, leaves, dirt and other natural debris. A cover will keep your yacht clean in between uses.


If your luxury vessel, sailboat or yacht has received damage and you need assistance on a claim you've filed with your insurance, HL Law Group is here to help! Call us today at 855-713-1212 or email us at info@hllawgroup.com for a free case evaluation!

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