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Help Your Clients Recover Hurricane Sally Losses

by Joining the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network

Claim Your 25% Co-Counsel Fee When You Refer a Case through the Program

Do you have clients who have been denied payment on their Hurricane Sally claims? If so, you can help them even if property damage claims representation is outside your scope of services. With the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network, you and your clients have a partner with the ability to interpret complex insurance policy language and can help your clients understand why their claims were denied.

Some common reasons for property claims denial include:

  • Insufficient documentation of damage

  • Exclusion language

  • Failure to mitigate

  • Wear and tear

HL Law Group focuses its practice on property damage claims, and we represent the insured only – not the insurance company. Our dedicated group of 10 attorneys and 40 staff members handle first-party property insurance claim litigation caused by weather events ranging from hurricanes to hail damage for both businesses and individuals.

Covering the entire state of Florida, we have represented thousands of clients, and we can help yours, too.

By partnering with us through the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network, you will add value to your practice by expanding your client offerings, and by receiving a 25% co-counsel fee when you refer a case through the program.

To learn more about the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network and fee program, please call us at (855) 713-1212 or email us at info@hllawgroup.com. And visit us at https://www.hllawgroup.com/ to learn more about our practice.

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