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The complicated claims process requires a deep understanding of insurance coverage. If you have clients still trying to settle their Tropical Storm Eta claims, get the specialized help you need with the HL Law Group. We focus our practice on property damage claims, representing the insured only – not the insurance company. A beneficial partnership for you and your clients, your firm will receive a 25% co-counsel fee when you refer a case through the program.

With reported wind speeds of 50 mph, Tropical Storm Eta subjected Florida residents to significant wind damage to roofs, doors, windows and outdoor areas including carports and swimming pools.

Some common reasons why insurance companies may deny a wind damage claim include:

  • Declaring that flood damage was the primary cause of damage instead of the covered wind event. Homeowners policies typically don’t cover flood damage.

  • Placing fault on initial design flaws and installation.

  • Determining roof damage at under 25% of the roof surface so the cost will include only repairs and not a full roof replacement. The law states that if 25% of a roof is damaged, the entire roof must be replaced.

Let HL Law Group help your clients better understand their insurance policies and their coverage. Our dedicated group of 10 attorneys and 40 staff members have the necessary skills to maximize your clients’ property damage claims.

To learn more about the HL Law Group Attorney Co-Counsel Network and fee program, please call us at (855) 713-1212 or email us at info@hllawgroup.com. And visit us at https://www.hllawgroup.com/ to learn more about our practice.

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