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All Hands on Deck at FAPIA for Advocacy and Education 

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We have good news and bad news…and more good news

In this issue, FAPIA President-Elect Karen Schiffmiller shares information on PA education opportunities and legislation.


The good news is that during these crazy times, FAPIA has pivoted to a virtual setting to be able to offer the services our industry needs. We have successfully completed a beta test of apprentice and new public adjuster virtual training with 22 test licensees who gave us great feedback and suggestions. We invite apprentices to sign up for our 4-week apprentice training program as soon as the registration page launches. The course contains a curated curriculum and some of the best speakers in the industry. It is specifically designed to provide a strong foundation for mentors and apprentices to build on. FAPIA Continuing Education Chair Juan Moya is also working with faculty members toward completing the 5-Hour Law and Ethics course in a virtual setting.

The public adjusting industry in Florida will soon be enjoying an amazing virtual conference on December 6-8, and our team is working to get the registration page and the event itself ready for your enjoyment. This will not be your average Zoom meeting or webinar. It will be a virtual event like you’ve never seen, and we are very excited to bring it to you.


Unfortunately, there are some public adjusters who are living up to a bad stereotype and this affects our industry. FAPIA’s legislative team and board of directors have been made aware of a number of matters including lawsuits and allegations of fraudulent and other behavior which we will share with you in the coming weeks. This will create terrible optics and be used to shed a very negative light on our profession in the 2021 legislative session. These bad stories and resulting negative press will be used in an attempt to pass anti-consumer and anti-public adjuster legislation. This is serious and it’s going to be a very difficult session. We all have to do our part, and this includes you.


FAPIA Leadership, along with many volunteer members, are gearing up and getting ready for the battle. Our legislative ambassadors are being organized through the chair of that committee, Michael Ross LoBiondo, who is already assigning district captains in some of the important legislative regions. We are training them and preparing to counter the inevitable onslaught of bad legislation that is to come. FAPIA’s board has already approved the expense of hiring Curly and Pynn as our public relations professionals to guide our messaging efforts through the session.

Curly and Pynn is the same PR firm that helped successfully guide our industry through the OPPAGA research and report. They know our industry and understand the efforts other stakeholders will make to paint each of us with the same broad brush. Please help us get the message across directly from policyholders by asking your clients to visit www.voicesofpolicyholders.com and take 5 minutes to tell their claim story. These stories will be shared with media and lawmakers and will be used in conjunction with a video series that is currently in pre-production to highlight areas of concern such as managed repair, diminished coverage and more.

We are doing everything we can, and now we must ask you to do your part, too.

Elections will take place on November 3rd and half of the senate is up for re-election. We MUST support the election of legislators who understand how important it is for policyholders to have professional claim assistance available by licensed public adjusters. We MUST raise dollars to support those campaigns and we need your help to reach our fundraising goals for the next thirty days. It’s a limited window of opportunity for public adjusters to raise funds and distribute them in order to make a difference. I am asking each of you to visit Public Adjusters for the Insuring Public and make a generous donation today. It will take each and every one of us to fight the good fight, and it won’t be easy, so I’m counting on you to do your part. Support public adjusting through FAPIA today by visiting PA4IP.org and help us win this battle.

For more information, visit www.fapia.net.

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