HL Law Group has made the representation of policyholders an area of focus for the firm. It is through our experience representing policyholders that we have developed a deep respect for the public adjusting industry. When it comes to properly resolving an insurance claim, public adjusters perform a critical function and assist policyholders in ways that lawyers cannot. Lawyers who represent policyholders typically look to public adjusters for assistance in understanding the scope, extent and estimate of the damages. Any lawyer representing a policyholder on a property claim may find him or herself at a loss, literally, if they are not assisted by an experienced public adjuster. The legal industry relies heavily on the public adjusting industry in assisting policyholders throughout the course of a claim.

At HL Law Group, we understand, appreciate and respect the work that public adjusters do. Whether on a residential or commercial claim, public adjusters work on behalf of their clients to ensure a proper recovery from the insurance company. At HL Law Group, we are honored to work with many experienced, intelligent and reputable public adjusters, who act as experts in our cases and help us to ensure that we are seeking the maximum benefit for our clients.

HL Law Group has been a staunch supporter of the public adjusting industry for many years. We understand the integral role public adjuster's play in ensuring policyholders are treated fairly and equitably. We are defenders of the public adjusting industry and lend our support to the industry at every opportunity. We are proud to be the publisher of The Journal of Public Adjusting, an industry trade journal that we have been publishing for over four years. The Journal highlights many of the issues affecting the public adjusting industry, including legislative issues and other "hot topics," industry movements and trends, as well as critical information relating to statutory compliance and educational opportunities with public adjusting associations such as FAPIA, NAPIA and AAPIA.

If you are a public adjuster and have a question, whether about statutory compliance, your business process, or want to discuss an issue relating to a client or a claim, don't hesitate to contact us at (954) 713-1212 or email us at Info@HLLawGroup.com.

If you are a policyholder with a potential insurance claim, we strongly recommend that you call a licensed public adjuster. A knowledgeable and experienced public adjuster can work hard on your behalf to help you get a proper recovery. There are great online resources, such as the websites of FAPIA, NAPIA, AAPIA or NYPAA, where you can educate yourself on your options and find the right public adjuster for you.