HL Law Group represents condo and homeowners’ associations and property management companies throughout the states of Florida and New York when their real or personal property is damaged by an event. These events include water leaks, fire, theft and vandalism or damage caused by weather events such as hurricanes, hail, tornadoes and more.

Many associations are caught off guard when damage occurs and unfortunately do not have proper procedures in place. The process for seeking money from an insurance company or a liable third party (e.g. leak from interior of unit causing damage to lower floors) can be very complicated and could result in liability and unnecessary litigation for the association if mishandled. Many condo association lawyers do not even offer this type of representation to their clients, leaving their clients scrambling to figure it out on their own. 

Representing associations and management companies pursuing property damage claims is where our Firm distinguishes itself. In order to provide your valued clients with “full service” representation, you must always remain mindful of the issues they face in an ever-changing environment. A strategic partnership with HL Law Group will go one step further in providing you with the full array of services needed to address damage to your client’s property, if and when it occurs. 


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