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HL Law Group

HL Law Group P.A. is a boutique law firm providing legal representation to individuals and businesses with insurance, real estate, and corporate matters. From its main office in Fort Lauderdale, centrally located between Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida, HL Law Group has established itself as a leading real estate and business law firm serving clients throughout Florida and New York.

HL Law Group is on the cutting edge of a "new breed" of law firm that is smart, tech-savvy and service focused. Our unique approach to legal representation is one of the distinguishing characteristics of our legal model, which combines a creative and practical approach to problem solving with well-established but forward-thinking business principles, enabling us to provide efficient and effective results for our clients. Another distinguishing characteristic is the hyper-focused attention we place on one of our singular-most important assets - the relationship we have with our clients. Many lawyers forget that the word "service" is an integral part of the term "legal services" and fail to provide their clients with the attention that they deserve. At HL Law Group, we strongly believe that in order to provide top-notch legal services, a law firm must not only offer smart, thoughtful and practical legal solutions to complex legal problems, but must be available and responsive to its clients' needs. We believe the following to be fundamental elements of our success:

Top-Notch Legal Services

In order for us to be on the cutting-edge of our industry, we need to consistently provide top-notch legal services. This requires us to consider the "big picture" and to apply an intelligent, creative and out-of-the-box approach to legal issues. Many lawyers fail to provide practical solutions to legal problems, leaving their clients wondering how to move forward.

At HL Law Group, we take a creative but practical approach to solving legal problems, creating value for our client's position while at the same time seeking a result that makes sense in light of their personal circumstances. Our goal is to leave you in a stronger position when the representation is complete so that you can move successfully into the future. We are a client-centric law firm, always focusing on our client's perspective and providing legal representation in a caring, compassionate and empathetic way. We always strive to exceed our client's expectations.

Communication: Always Be Accessible & Responsive

Communication is a two-way street. A client needs to know that he or she can reach their lawyer if they have a question, concern or simply want to talk. We know that legal issues can be stressful and understand that an important part of our job is to help to alleviate that stress as much as possible. The ease of communication we have with our clients, and our responsiveness to their needs, gives our clients comfort in knowing that their lawyer is just a phone call away, and helps them to focus on the other important aspects of their lives. Good communication is the cornerstone of the strong relationship we have with our clients.

Strong Relationships Built on Trust & Confidence

Strong relationships are built on trust. A client needs to feel confident in his or her lawyer, such that if they have a question, they know they will get sound legal advice. Lawyers should place themselves in their client's situation when providing legal advice. A "Lawyer-Client Relationship" runs deeper than just business; legal issues impact people's lives.


More than a law firm, we are a legal resource for our clients.

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